101- Tarzan Throws A No-Hitter

2/19 Show Notes:

  • Dave’s TV show “Brewed” will debut on 2/28 at 6:30pm on WQAD
  • Alaska is the Happiest state
  • Darren doesn’t watch Ellen Degeneres anymore
  • Scientists can’t give AIDS to a group of monkeys no matter how hard they try
  • Darren wonders why you don’t see commercials for Compound W anymore
  • Vanilla Ice got arrested for stealing things from a house next store to one he’s renovating
  • There’s a new superbug killing people in California
  • Eddie Murphy was supposed to play Bill Cosby on that SNL 40th anniversary show. He passed because he didn’t want to kick Cosby when he’s down
  • Creeps like to smell garters. ROMAN TIMES!
  • A woman is looking to set the world record for catching wedding bouquets
  • A couple spent their 17th anniversary at three Disney parks on the same day
  • Florida woman did worth of $1,500 damage to a Lexus she masturbated on in traffic
  • Florida man arrested with crack in his mouth and weed in his crack
  • A guy has set up a website to date himself exclusively
  • A Puerto Rican man died and his family propped him up and dressed him a Green Lantern for his wake
  • A Michigan woman shot herself in the eye by adjusting her bra holster
  • Little Caesar’s is about to sell deep dish bacon wrapped pizza
  • A drive-in movie theater is in trouble for showing 50 Shades of Grey AND Spongebob

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