102-A Sped Up Show About Nothing

2/20 Show Notes:

  • TBS has been speeding up Seinfeld reruns to sneak more commercials in
  • Seinfeld has made $3.1 BILLION since it entered syndication
  • This is the one month of the year TCM makes sense
  • Jerome Kersey is dead
  • Los Angeles might have three NFL teams soon
  • Is Bill O’Reily pulling a Brian Williams with his Falkland Islands stories?
  • There’s a new strain of drug resistant malaria to freak out about
  • Walmart is giving raises to 500,000 employees
  • Sure the subzero temperatures suck BUT there’s no bugs to deal with
  • 6th grade football players are being scouted
  • A theatre in Colorado showed 50 Shades of Grey instead of Spongebob to a theater packed with kids
  • We can’t really see 50 shades of grey. Humans can only see 30 shades
  • Science says men really do have a rougher time with the flu than women do
  • Darren believes in medicinal scarves
  • Cool Baby is a hollowed out baby doll you can drink out of
  • 400 gallons of frozen sewage spilled on the highway in Indiana
  • It’s Bird’s birthday!

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