107- Express Yourself

 2/27 Show Notes:

  • Local H is at RIBCO Saturday night
  • Dave remembers a time before there was an internet
  • Darren thinks the biggest game changer ever is Caller ID
  • The internet can’t shut up about a dress that is clearly white and gold but people say it’s blue and black
  • Also, llamas
  • We’d like “Get Up, Joseph!” to become the new “God Damn It!”
  • Sleeping more than 8 hours is bad for you
  • The podcast has morphed into a discussion for ridiculous t-shirt designs
  • FCC passed sweeping Net Neutrality rules
  • A new device will trick your brain into thinking you’re full
  • Earl Lloyd died. He was the first African American NBA player
  • Movie sequels that have clever titles are awesome
  • A man has spent more than $77,000 to look like Madonna
  • Dave thinks gay teenagers kick ass
  • A Florida teen went to the hospital for a headache. He had been shot in the head a few days ago
  • A Wisconsin man didn’t like the idea of a sex offender moving into his neighborhood so he burned the house down
  • A guy who won a medal for thwarting a bank robbery has been arrested for robbing a bank
  • A guy hit a power power because he was chasing an owl with his car
  • An Arizona woman faked her own abduction rather than deal with throwing her boyfriend a birthday party
  • Doomsday peppers can’t wait for the zombie apocalypse
  • Male Genitalia UNDER ATTACK! with stories of men losing their junk in unlikely ways

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