108: Darren Was Relaxing

3/2 Show Notes:

  • Local H was amazing at RIBCO on Saturday night
  • Amazing Larry is about to turn 69
  • Dave’s TV Show “Brewed” was on Saturday night. Darren heard it was good. He wasn’t able to see it because he “was busy relaxing”
  • We’re moving Solid to a new server
  • ISIS wants to kill anyone who works at Twitter
  • Ben & Jerry are going to make marijuana infused ice cream once pot is legal in all 50 states
  • The WHO wants you to turn down your headphones
  • Shameless Chocoholic won People’s Choice at the Bacon Bonanza this weekend
  • How much of your land do you actually own? Is it all the way to the core of the earth?
  • The Grateful Dead are doing a 3 day concert at Soldier Field in July and tickets are crazy expensive
  • There’s an actual band named Toboggan
  • Maine wants to get rid of mandatory seat belt laws
  • New Character: German Biker Guy!
  • A German biker broke his femur and it went up into his scrotum
  • Richard Pryor’s widow says he HATED Bill Cosby
  • A werewolf killed a vampire in California
  • A crazy woman moved into a house and built an unrequited love shrine to a subcontractor
  • We end with a Hazel bit (by request!)
  • Go listen to Solid and Planet ALT!

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