110: Live At Kelly’s Irish Pub And Eatery

Live At Kelly’s Show Notes:

  • We’re LIVE at Kelly’s on 53rd Street in Davenport for Guinness Tuesday
  • Dan Kelly joins us with info on the changes being made for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Party
  • The tent this year is 2000 square feet bigger
  • 2200 pounds of corned beef and cabbage will be made for this year’s party
  • The Corn Beef Nachos are back all month long. You should eat the nachos out of the helmet before you put it on
  • Darren dreams up a taco eating marathon of Dan and Dave to compete in. They think they could do a taco an hour for 52 hours before they lost their minds
  • If you need to know everything that’s going on check out their Facebook pagekellys
  • Snack Club Captain Sean McBride has lost 135 lbs in the last year and a half
  • Darren wants to know where McBride is going to be swimming this summer
  • Sweet Eileen shares the story of the time she got busted and the premonitions she gets in dreams

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