111: El Capitan Crunch And The Breakfast Refund

3/4 Show Notes:

  • We had a blast at Kelly’s last night
  • Darren is wearing loafers despite the frozen ground conditions
  • We’re getting more and more t-shirt ideas
  • The Japanese have created a wearable banana for marathon runners
  • Abraham Lincoln brought a hot baked potato to school every morning to keep warm and then eat it for lunch
  • A woman in Utah is suing herself for her own negligent driving in an accident that killed her husband
  • New Trend: Hoodie vaporizers
  • We invent the Vape Machine that combines gaping with CPAP machines
  • Scientists say adults get the flu once every five years and kids get it every other year. Darren thinks he gets the flu twice a year
  • Now they’re saying coffee prevents plaque in your heart
  • NBC wants to launch a pay to watch video service for cord cutters
  • Metallica is releasing their original demo for Record Store Day (April 18th)
  • Metal Gear Solid 5 is coming out later this year
  • A NYC man put fliers up looking for a girlfriend and has hooked up with scores of women as a result
  • The Bubonic Plague might be coming back thanks to fleas on NYC rats
  • A restaurant in New Hampshire has a promotion where you deduct the percentage of you age from your bill on your birthday. A 101-year-old man went and got a 7 cent refund
  • Taco Bell is rolling out Captain Crunch¬†Delights. Dave doesn’t understand how that hits into the gimmick
  • Drinking only 1 drink makes you more attractive to people. You look better than you would with no booze in your system or two drinks
  • Finding a random guy covered in vomit in your dining room is no way to start your Saturday
  • They sold a LOT of marijuana in Colorado last year. 75 TONS OF IT!
  • Another Cosby victim is telling her story. This one involves being made to rub oatmeal on her face and act like a queen

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