112: Peep Flavored Milk

3/5 Show Notes:

  • Darren is convinced today is the last super cold day we’ll have to deal with
  • The Solid St. Patrick’s Day shirts are out
  • Dave wonders why ESPN still calls the show 30 For 30 when they’ve done almost 100 of them
  • Brian Fest (honoring Brian Wilson) happens in L.A. later this month
  • Rock Band 4 is coming out later this year for Xbox One and Playstation 4
  • Ringling Bros Circus is phasing out the elephants
  • McDonalds is getting rid of chicken that’s been treated with human hormones
  • HBO is launching their stand alone service with the premier of Game of Thrones
  • Prairie Farms is releasing Peeps flavored milk
  • We wonder how close we are from Fourth of July stuff showing up in stores
  • If they can make a 10 cent per gallon gas tax go from an idea in January to law on March 1st, why can’t they just go ahead and legalize firecrackers and medical marijuana?
  • A picture of Prince from his junior high basketball team is going viral
  • A new laser surgery is making brown eyes blue
  • Chuck Jones had a list of unbreakable rules for every Road Runner cartoon
  • A woman is suing a restaurant for $100,000 because they ruined her Valentines Day
  • Seth Rogan smoked so much dope in his office, no one can use it
  • The cops spying on your cell phone may be why it doesn’t work
  • Brewed has been picked up for more episodes!
  • Daylight Saving Time is killing us

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