114: Vietnam Bus Trip

3/9 Show Notes:

  • We kick off the show with a sweet Hall & Oates/Metallica mash-up.
  • Swami went down this weekend.
  • Today’s a super popular day for heart attacks.
  • The Tarantgiraffe design is coming along nicely. Possible new t-shirt?
  • Darren is the only person left on Earth who “flips around” when he watches TV.
  • The credit bureaus are going to start reforming the way they keep your score.
  • Watch out for microsleeps.
  • Two Dutch guys are trying to fly around the world in a solar powered plane.
  • Darren can’t get enough of that Narwhals song.
  • We meet a guy who has caught thousands of MLB balls.
  • Men are not so much attracted to big boobs or butts, it’s all about the spine! Science!
  • A Vietnamese bus trip went horribly wrong when a guy whizzed on a bee hive.
  • A 95-year-old ran the 200m in 55 seconds and celebrated with a nap in his hotel room.
  • You’ll eat 7,000 animals over the course of your lifetime.
  • A couple of American tourists¬†got arrested for carving their initials in the Coliseum and taking a selfie.
  • 911 Is A Joke: An Ohio man calls to complain his old lady stole his cocaine.
  • Dave’s wife Jenni ordered a couch three months ago. It’s still not here because it caught on fire on the Interstate.
  • A Florida man tried to sell stolen jewelry to the woman he stole it from.

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