115: Christmas In March

3/10 Show Notes:

  • Welcome to Hazy March, huh?
  • Another Ghostbusters movie? This one with an all-guy cast.
  • A radio station in Albany has flipped to all Christmas music station. In March.
  • Chick sexers make $60,000 a year.
  • There are fewer American homes with guns.
  • Apple TV is where the stand alone HBO service will be available.
  • The Apple watch comes out on April 24th for $349.
  • Carrie Fisher thinks the new Star Wars movie is cursed.
  • Bartenders tend to over serve hot drunk chicks at dive bars. Science!
  • A gun collector got killed when he accidentally shot himself with a cannon.
  • We’re nervous James from NIU is spending too much time designing t-shirts for Nacho Radio.
  • Farmers Markets are a bit of a scam.
  • Two Ohio stories: another Chuck E Cheese massacre and a Ohio teen flies to China to woo a girl who wants nothing to do with him.
  • Teen burglars broke into a house and thought they stole some cocaine. They snorted it. It’s not cocaine. It’s their grandfather’s ashes.
  • Putting a penny in your mouth does not fool a police breathalyzer.
  • Dave doesn’t know enough about Canadian money.
  • University of Oklahoma has shut down a fraternity that did racist chants.
  • Darren once broke the ribs of his house mother during an award ceremony. He completely forgot about it.
  • If you get distracted easily, you’re more creative. Science!
  • Sex is good for brain development.


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