116: Will You Goat With Me To Prom?

3/11 Show Notes:

  • We can’t both be Dave.
  • Dave’s looking forward to not giving a damn about The Bears for a few years.
  • Dave doesn’t understand reverse mortgage.
  • Johnny Dangerously is on Netflix!
  • Evening Shade was Burt Reynold’s TV show in the 90s.
  • Dave thinks some of Alabama Shakes may be muppets. Especially the bass player.
  • Robin Thicke has to pay $7.4 million to Marvin Gaye’s family.
  • Police in Georgia arrested teenagers for stealing a goat. The goat was to be used to ask a girl to prom.
  • An Arizona high school is having a Communism-themed Prom.
  • The new Avengers movie comes out in May and they’re having a 29 hour Marvel marathon to kick it off. You can do it in Moline.
  • A garbage man in Georgia arrested for continuing to pick-up trash just after 5am.
  • A Florida woman got naked at a Dunkin Donuts in order to pledge a dance troupe.

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