118: Big Barbie Is Listening

3/13 Show Notes

  • We open with the one and only Luie Luie

  • It’s Friday the 13th. Even though Dave is superstitious, he’s not that worried about today unless a black cat crosses his path. Later in the podcast a black cat walks through the backyard. Yikes.
  • James from NIU sent us a killer sketch of our new mascot, Nacho.
  • A Zach¬†Galifianakis impersonator claims he’s making $250,000 a year.
  • We’re now taking phone calls on the Harrington’s Pub Hotline 470-23-NACHO. Is this a good idea?
  • A 54-year-old did over 4,321 pull ups in 24 hours
  • We’re reminded of the time Regis almost killed a guy with watermelons.
  • Frozen 2 and Star Wars: Rogue One are happening.
  • West African countries have been so busy focusing on Ebola that measles are coming back.
  • Phil Collins is now a honorary Texan.
  • Mike Tyson thinks he could beat up all of the Rockys except Rocky IV. Rocky III is a maybe.
  • Hello Barbie will listen to your daughter and report back to you what she says after it goes through the Mattel servers.
  • Our fist ever caller is Thomas who reminds us that tomorrow is Pi Day!
  • A guy covers himself in dog crap thinking he can’t get arrested. He was arrested.
  • Mike from Dewitt calls in to give details on the St. Baldrick’s event happening on Saturday.
  • A man opens a bag of Aldi chips and an entire potato falls out.
  • A jacket in a tree in Italy is mistaken for an ISIS flag.
  • Will Ferrell played for 10 teams in Spring Training yesterday for an HBO special.
  • The World’s Fattest Dachshund (56 lbs) has lost a bunch of weight.
  • God Stuff: Creflo Dollar want his flock to give him $60 million for a private jet. The Church of Scientology may be blackmailing John Travolta. A guru in bling talked 400 men into cutting off their testicles.

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