119: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

3/16 Show Notes:

  • We made it through the Ides of March in one piece (for the most part).
  • Darren once again couldn’t be bothered to watch “Brewed”. He wasn’t relaxing. He just forgot. In his defense, it’s not like Henry Winkler’s friends watched EVERY episode of Happy Days.
  • Dave went to Convenient Care for bronchitis. The people in the waiting room were an interesting lot.
  • One couple was super clingy. Darren thought he ran into them at (where else?) Hy-Vee.
  • Is the new Cialis commercial suggesting people start having sex at carnivals or their kids high school football games?
  • The latest sketch of Nacho The Taranturaffe James from NIU looks amazing: Tarantgiraffe
  • What sort of health benefits does Nacho Radio provide? Not the best.
  • NASA found water on Ganymede, Jupiter’s biggest moon.
  • NASA is saying California will run out of water in a year.
  • We’re also in the midst of a bourbon shortage
  • John Madden (Darren WAS GONNA SAY JOHN MADDEN) says Will Ferrell’s MLB stunt was disrespectful to the game of baseball.
  • HBO’s Robert “The Jinx” Durst has been arrested for murder.
  • The racist SAE kids have hired Timothy McVeigh’s attorney to sue the University of Oklahoma.
  • A woman goes nuts on an American Airlines flight, smoking cigarettes and bashing OBAMA!
  • Someone built a meth lab in a Walmart bathroom in Indiana.
  • A wedding in India is called off at the altar when the groom couldn’t add 15 to 6. He said it was 17.
  • We talk about awkward wedding moments.

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