120: St. Patrick’s Day Spooktacular

3/17 Show Notes:

  • It’s Saint Patrick’s Day. So naturally we start the show off with Pat Boone’s “Speedy Gonzales”.
  • For today we’d like to be known as Nach O’Radio.
  • Harrington’s Pub opened at 8am.
  • Darren LOVES St. Patrick’s Day in part because of Corned Beef and Cabbage.
  • San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Boland retires at 24 due to his concern over brain trauma.
  • Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred says he has received a formal request from Pete Rose asking that his lifetime ban be lifted and that he will consider the all-time hits leader’s request “on its merits.”
  • We got an email suggesting people do Marco Pollo in crowds but use Nacho and Radio.
  • Data scientist say people who use Firefox and Chrome are better employees.
  • Apple is going to launch their own TV service.
  • Evander Holyfield is going to box Mitt Romney.
  • Mario games might soon be available on your smartphone.
  • Heather Mills says young people don’t care about Paul McCartney.
  • John Cusack is going to be in a Brian Wilson movie.
  • Kevin Smith is going to make Mallrats 2.
  • Leprechauns are not Irish. They come from a undersea kingdom in the Mid-Atlantic. They love to drown people while they sleep.
  • An old woman strangled a rabid raccoon in a botanical garden.
  • 79 % of fast food workers were burnt at least once in the last year. 33% of managers suggest treating the burns with condiments.
  • A Texan is cooking bacon with an M-16. “So much America right now”.
  • What’s Going On At Walmart: A Florida man steal 27 cases of beer, a couple eats a rotisserie chicken and a teen steals from a Walmart three days in a row and ends up in with a taser in his ass.
  • If you eat burnt food it gives a good singing voice.
  • People are selling haunted dolls on eBay.
  • A wannabe Chinese acrobat fell and pierced his genitals with a 7 foot metal bar.
  • Doctors in South Africa have done the first successful penis transplant.

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