121: The Jerk Frisbee

3/18 Show Notes:

  • We’re trying to figure out where you can get a beer at 9am in this town.
  • Starbucks wants their baristas to have race relations discussions with their customers.
  • The Presbyterians are changing their definition of marriage to include gays.
  • There may be small pieces of metal in your Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.
  • They found Cervantes tomb!
  • The Iowa DOT wants a bunch of red light cameras taken down including the one at Elmore and Kimberly.
  • That Mars One Project is a giant Yumbo! An insider says we’re not going to Mars for 100 years.
  • TV Finales: Is there one better than the Newhart finale? Nope.
  • Darren didn’t know that Dave was “into corned beef and cabbage”.
  • A lot of people spent yesterday watching Leprechaun Porn.
  • Darren learns about Rule 34.
  • A Nevada Assemblywoman wants terminally-ill cancer patients get intravenous baking soda treatments to “flush out the cancer fungus”.
  • Here’s a terrible place to hide your weed: A Beavis & Butthead lunchbox.
  • Mail A Spud will send a potato in the mail for just $10.
  • A restaurant in Virginia is calling itself Chingon Pollo” which is Spanish for “Big Fucking Chicken”.
  • A guy gets his penis almost bit off by his wife’s friend.
  • Odd things that get said in job interviews.
  • It’s okay to be naked at your front door in North Carolina.
  • Moms find gross stuff in their kids rooms.


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