122: Two Girls, One River

3/19 Show Notes:

  • Target is raising their minimum wage to $9.
  • We’re doing a LIVE podcast at Co-Op in Moline on Saturday, April 11th.
  • Darren would like a I DON’T EVEN BELONG HERE T-shirt.
  • Albert Hoffman invented LSD and died yesterday at the age of 102.
  • Cooking shows and Pinterest are making us all fatter.
  • March Madness is underway.
  • Nevada may soon make medical marijuana available for pets.
  • The Fed wants to raise interest rates.
  • Google has a patent for a wearable that will zap away cancer. Darren isn’t buying it.
  • DARPA thinks they might be able to kill ebola.
  • Despite the cold dark February we dealt with we just went though the warmest winter on record.
  • A Chinese guy had to make a decision when his ex and current girlfriend jumped in a river and demanded he save only one of them.
  • A guy pranks CSPAN with the lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • A Minnesotta man stole back some knives he gave a neighbor for Christmas because he thought they weren’t using them enough.
  • Dave doesn’t understand kitchen knives.
  • A Steel Panther tribute band got to go on stage with Steel Panther.
  • School Days Fool Days: A teacher calls a Muslim student “Taliban”, a Vice Principal accuses faculty of having “vaginas on fire” and a teacher gives a student a before class parking lot hand job.

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