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We would love to help your business get its word out and make more money. Digital advertising is an exciting and effective way of getting plugged in consumers to hear your message. At Nacho Radio, we have made that message very affordable. All :60 commercial spots on Solid or Planet ALT are ONLY $10 and all commercials stand alone by themselves during a 19 minute sweep of music.

That’s right! Not only is your commercial only $10, it WILL be heard because it airs by itself. At Nacho Radio, we air ONLY 3 commercials per hour on Solid and Planet ALT and for $10 one of them can be yours. Sponsorships of Solid, Planet ALT, and the Dave & Darren podcast are also available. If you would like us to contact you and discuss becoming a charter member client of Nacho, please contact us at,, or

Let’s grow together and you stay classy, Quad Cities.



2 Replies to “Advertise With Us”

  1. Homey

    Hi Darren,
    Been a long time! I am an RN now and working my 12 hour weekend, so bored at 0400, started looking up some old friends in the QCA. I am sorry to waste your time with nothing to advertise. Say hi to Dave for me. I intend to check out the podcast when my ER empties.
    The Artist formerly known as Homey

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