Author: Dave Levora

  • Men’s Solo Synchro

    Darren dreams of representing the USA in Men’s Solo Synchronized Swimming. A man who has never missed a day in 27 years at his Burger King job got some pens […]

  • Star Wars Jeopardy

    Do you think I can’t date your friend just because you’re my sister? REALLY?!? That’s ridiculous! 

  • Goodbye Norma Jean

    Nerf has a mascot. We’re approaching a grim elephant anniversary. A 1976 “lost” episode of Sesame Street has been posted online.

  • Bert & Ernie In The Morning

    We’re trying to figure out which one of us is Bert and which one is Ernie. There’s a trick to save money on concert tickets. A Canadian Beaver took down […]

  • I Thought It Was A Dog!

    This episode features a Florida Man mistaking a 7-foot alligator for a dog, sexy talking garbage cans and the meanest elephant ever.

  • Sky Tacos and Summer Pringles

    Taco Bell has an interesting innovation and Darren wants kids to consider marking their summer break with a can of Pringles. 

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