Author: Dave Levora

  • Year End Rear End Review

    Our first review for 2023 includes ice beer, a randy walrus and a review of everything Americans got stuck up their butts in 2022. 

  • The Hoodie Bandit

    Our final morning show review for 2022 includes a meet and greet gone wrong, new Christmas traditions to consider and a completely ineffective way to battle holiday depression. Cheers!

  • Love Boat Bigfoot

    Love! Exciting and new. Come aboard, Bigfoot’s on the crew!

  • A Level Nine Turtle

    Get ready to meet a level nine turtle who thought he was a level four alligator and an Iowa dog who called the fire department.

  • Scary Ghost Stories?

    You know that line in “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” about scary ghost stories?  It turns out telling ghost stories around a fire used to be a big part […]

  • A Mistress For Christmas

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This episode features timely holiday tips on keeping your Christmas tree hydrated and what to eat when you find yourself stranded in shark […]

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