• Feral Pig Bomb

    Because there wasn’t enough to worry about, the government is warning us about killer super pigs.

  • He Can’t Play The Piano

    A California man is suing Starbucks for injuries he claims were caused by their tea. Dave’s still trying to close the beaches. 

  • Betty Davis We Love You

    The TP shortage forced stores to import from Mexico. And the Hoverboard Dentist is going to jail for 12 years.

  • We Need To Destroy 7 Billion Tickets!

    Chuck E. Cheese has a ticket problem on their hands. An East Coast beer may been on local shelves next year. We’ve got breaking fried chicken news.

  • Superman And Robin

    Adam West IS Superman? Carol Baskin can’t dance but OJ actually played pretty well today.

  • The Haunted Toilet Is Here

    We’ve got an update on that lock of President Lincoln’s hair plus a request to dig up Warren G. Harding and a Japanese folk tale about a haunted bathroom.