• I’m Your Boyfriend Now Nancy!

    The site of the first two Nightmare on Elm Street movies is for sale. Good news! We might have to “deal” with a candy corn shortage this year.

  • Wiggles Reunion

    The Wiggles are reuniting for an adults only arena tour. A gigantic pumpkin missed out on winning the championship due to internal pressure.

  • A1 Snake Rental

    Do you need a snake? Sure! We ALL do! But snake ownership has always been prohibitively expensive. Until now!

  • Spin As You Like

    William Shatner is about to visit outer space. A Bosnian man built his wife a rotating house. Get ready for a Bozo the Clown reboot.

  • Le Garbage

    Captain Kirk does NOT want to go to space. French sanitation workers are striking for a 21 hour work week. Darren wants to be Baby Yoda.

  • All About Those Toilets (No Treble)

    We’re getting a new Peanuts special for New Year’s Eve. A woman almost died from injuries caused by wearing jean shorts. 

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