• Make Your Guests Feel Right At Home

    The search for a new Jeopardy host continues. This Thanksgiving, the Butterball Panic Lines are open. A winter park in Florida is having trouble with their snow.

  • The King Is Gone But He’s Not Forgotten

    Murderous hyenas! Punk legends feeding squirrels! Road salt alternatives! This episode of Dave & Darren’s Top Five Things has something for everyone!

  • Glass Blown Sausage

    Is sausage scented gift wrap the best idea? Should you let a moose lick your car? Who was Mouse Man?

  • All Rise: The Musical!

    Spike Lee is directing a musical about Viagra. That seems like a better idea than dancing on your back or flamethrowing on the top of a bus.

  • Walk The Bat

    Dave wants us to believe Chili and Cinnamon Rolls is a thing. Florida man attempts to conceal drugs in his fat rolls. 

  • Off To The Pigeon Races

    Blaming the dog for your own flatulence is a jerk move. A bidding war broke out over a racing pigeon. That moon rock was just petrified wood.