• 412: Locked, Loaded And Ready To Roll

    Good news, everybody! A leading geoscientist says California is about to fall into the Pacific. Oddsmakers We may have a new Han Solo. We can all learn a lot from […]

  • 411: Finger Lickin’ Good?

    Dave gets on his Zipper Merge soapbox. KFC is in the nail polish business. The Simpsons are going to do a live segment. A bald eagle kills four Americans.

  • Dap Or Crap Episode 14: Super Hero Draft

    Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a new installment of Dap Or Crap! In honor of Captain America: Civil War, we’re drafting superheroes. Troy […]

  • 410: Fired After Six Days

    Darren is bummed for Carly Fiorina. Dave thinks we’re living in a most interesting age. Get ready for Soda flavored pop-tarts, Blues Brothers cartoons, McGarlic fires and reanimated corpses.

  • 409:When The Mood Hits

    Prince may have a secret love child. Stone Temple Pilots are denying that Scott Stapp in their new singer. We know who SHOULD be. The future will be filled with […]

  • Wisenheimer Episode 23

    A new episode of Wisenheimer: The Podcast drops today! A great episode with special guest, LA Improviser Josh Feemster!