• 419: Moccasin Free Excellence

    The new Pixar movie may endanger real clownfish. You may now qualify for overtime. Get ready for astrological food.

  • 417: Hawaiian Special

    Probotic yogurt is a jumbo. Anthony Keidis is in the hospital. This could be the summer of the dead shark.

  • 416: Left Is Right

    Tattoo that fades after a year is coming to a parlor near you. Darren shares the story of his complicated relationship with earrings. An Arkansas judge is in trouble administering […]

  • 415:Make Hot Dogs Great Again

    It’s a real shame Abraham Lincoln never got to drink a Dr. Pepper. Working in a poultry processing plant may not be the non-stop party we always assumed it would […]

  • Dap Or Crap Episode 15: Captain America Civil War

    We went to a late night screening of Captain America: Civil War. Was Cap Dap Or Crap?

  • 414: Root Canals, Hipsters and Nickleback

    Kids are getting high at the Garden Center of Home Depot. A blind woman gets her sight back following an accident. Gene Simmons opens his mouth and inserts his Destroyer […]