• 443: Dave Vs. Dave Stories

    Darren doesn’t care for Dave Grohl’s language. A new coffee shop offers customers an unusual bonus. Ding Dong Ditch is causing devastating emotional distress.

  • 442: LIVE From Uncle Norm’s Fireworks

    We’re back at Uncle Norm’s with Kyle for stories about the Texit, Las Vegas Hockey and the sad tale of Ronald McDonald getting shot at a Sonic.

  • 441: Namazu The Earthshaker

    Is a giant underground catfish to blame for all the Earthquakes in Japan? Why are Florida ducks resorting to a life of crime? What summer blockbuster just killed a guy?

  • 440:Darren Went To High School With Jesus

    We’re back at Gunchies for another live podcast and once again Toby and Eric are slinging Zing of the Days around like it’s no big deal.

  • 423: C’Mon In The Water Pills Are Fine

    This summer is either going to be all about lion attacks, hurricanes or volcanic eruptions. Cato died. The Biggest Loser may have pumped their contestants full of speed and diuretics. […]

  • 422: Drive Crazy Y’all

    One of Darren’s biggest fans has big plans for the show. Another guy walks into a lion cage story? A Texas prankster has some felony fun on the highway. The […]