• 449: Gag Me With A Dress

    A young man enjoys himself at a minor league baseball game. Science discovers a planet with water clouds. Paul Simon discovers the location of heaven, A fashion designer makes a […]

  • 448: Goat Pageant

    Science says pasta doesn’t make you fat! A Des Moines man gets arrested because America, that’s why. We finally know who the prettiest goat in all of Lithuania is. Captain […]

  • 447: Grandma’s TV Dinners

    We’re back from our 4th of July Weekend with tales of parades, diminutive country music superstars, TV dinners and a jockey with the worst luck on Earth.

  • 446: Beaver Eating Snake

    Cops in Maine aren’t joking around about snakes. A 117-year-old woman dies hours after getting her birth certificate. Dave is searching for clown ice cream.

  • 445: Miss Beaver Hunt USA

    Darren believes he could have played for the 85 Bears as some sort of High School Sensation/hardship case. Hail New Columbia, our 51st state…or 50th is Texas texits. A drunk […]

  • 444: Nightswiming

    A cop is in trouble for growing pot and using a fire hydrant to water it. Get ready for our new line of David Bowie wigs! Science discovers a new […]