• 498: Obi-Wan Ringo

    Dave has begun his Cover 5 comeback. You can get Zika from sharing a needle with an intravenous drug using mosquito. Katy Perry really needs to be Wonder Woman. Nine […]

  • 497: A Lot Not Going On Here

    There might be a cure for the common cold. Some jerk stole an old lady’s turtle. Oasis might get back together. Saran Wrap does not the best bikini material, especially […]

  • The MAC Matters Episode 11: Week 6 Previews

    Jim is back!!! No more of Jay’s rants about communities. Jay and Jim talk about their takeaways from the Week 5 scores. The guys preview Week 6 MAC school games […]

  • Dap Or Crap: Son Of Zorn

    The guys try and start a D&D campaign and give their thoughts on the new FOX show “Son Of Zorn”. Troy shares lyrics from a collection of songs he wrote […]

  • 496: Galactic Tick Day

    Happy Galactic Tick Day. We’re celebrating our almost 2 year anniversary with stories about ear wax, monster trucks and getting banned from the bus.

  • 495: LIVE At Gunchies

    Cows are eating themselves to death (but not eating themselves), Tebow goes yard and a squirrel hunter mistakes his wife for a squirrel. We’re LIVE at Gunchies with Big E […]


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