• 464: Costage Situation

    Darren raises a new concern for the Rio Olympics that could make for some gripping summer television. Jack White is playing records in outer space, Nixon masks are still a […]

  • 463: Jesus Drives A Truck

    Dave ran another Bix but struggles with an ethical dilemma in a parking lot. The future First Lady has a bunch of nude photos and nobody cares. Thanks to an […]

  • Dap Or Crap 25: Dap Or Crap Gets Dapped Or Crapped

    The tables get turned and the show gets reviewed by a panel of super listeners.

  • 462: Used Jacuzzi

    People are starting to name their kids after Pokemon characters. John Hinkley is a free man. A Canadian oil company apologizes for an outside the box campaign. A lottery winner […]

  • 461: Pee Pee Boy

    The little girls who sang that ultra creepy Donald Trump song are now suing him. Ozzy and Sharon are back on even though he compared her to a horse. A […]

  • 460: Ill Fitting Flesh Colored Anchors

    There seems to be some dispute as to whether or not we made a bet on the Cubs vs White Sox series. If ONLY we recorded these conversations and posted […]


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