• 405: LIVE At Gunchies Rock Island

    Toby and Eric join us for a live podcast. Michelle tells us the story of the time Prince yelled at her because she got sliced cheese. Stop hugging your dogs. […]

  • Dap Or Crap 13: Prince Draft

    We are gathered here today to get through this thing called Dap Or Crap. We (along with our listeners) hold a draft of our favorite Prince songs. Jay has an […]

  • 404: Robot Kingdom

    Prince didn’t leave a will. Tom Brady is getting four weeks off. There’s a bold new way to entertain guests at weddings. A Hungarian weatherman is looking for work. A […]

  • Wisenheimer Episode 22

    Leslie, Brent, & Jeff bring you a special episode of Wisenheimer: The Podcast, which ended up becoming our small tribute to the late artist, Prince.

  • 403: Trump Elementary

    This will be the last year for Portland’s Bowie vs Prince bike ride. Cracker Jack replaces prizes with apps. Ted Cruz’s lady doppleganger is going to make a fortune. A […]

  • 402: Parties Weren’t Meant 2 Last

    We were dreaming when we recorded this, so sue us if it goes to fast. Prince is dead less then a week after he made and emergency start ti treat […]


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