• 351: McScuse Me Beyonce

    The Johnny Football story takes yet another sad turn. Science proves sighing is a good way to stay alive. Beyonce fans are spending so much money at Red Lobster they […]

  • 350: Meteor Nuance And Gator Chili

    Do we already have the most Florida story of 2016? Perhaps. Our deal with the meteors is no longer being honored. Facebook is killing your phone’s battery. STP wants YOU […]

  • 349: Stiffler’s Mom Wants To Read Something

    Everyone seems to agree the Super Bowl was awful and the commercials were boring. German announcers make everything more interesting. A bike riding fatso is about to have his yumbo […]

  • 347: Limp Magazine

    Science proves the internet really is making us all dumber but that might be a good thing. Dave’s got a new gig as a commentator on WQAD. Donald Trump is […]

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