• Repent Possum

    People are taking a DYI approach to fecal transplants thanks to YouTube and blenders. A gator is found in an Ohio basement, Daddy!

  • Hot Pocket Heiress

    Imagine you’re handed something like being the heiress to the Hot Pockets fortune and figuring out a way to screw that up. Coronavirus could bring on a Diet Coke shortage.

  • McDonald’s 365 Challenge

    This episode features The Animal Farm, Tales from the Bus and an unusual way to celebrate turning 40. 

  • JC & The Zoo Crew

    A “daredevil” looking to prove that the Earth is flat proved that it’s really hard. A magnetic fishing trip ends with a live grenade catch.

  • Handy Wacks

    They’re greasing up the poles down in New Orleans. A pamphlet for teens has some interesting ideas on how to tell someone you love them. Lobster blood could cure cancer.

  • World’s Largest Salami

    A birthday trip to a Hibachi restaurant ends with second degree burns and a free meal. Disney is making wedding gowns. A world record salami is bigger than the Statue […]