• Two Thumbs Up

    Netflix wants to give you another thumb. A fake cop meets the real police after trying to scam a Florida Wendy’s. We now know Spock’s first name.

  • Bad Bunny

    We’re used to mall Santas misbehaving but Easter Bunnies? Consumer Reports has some new air conditioning guidelines. 

  • Couch Snake

    Burger King is being sued, a corpse attends his funeral at a nightclub and a snake gets comfy on a stranger’s couch.

  • Unlucky Charms

    People are going online with complaints of unwanted Lucky Charms cereal side effects. Dave wants us to believe he bought a bathroom robot.

  • Monkey Pizza

    This episode has monkeys delivering pizza, news of an IT prequel and OJ’s take on that Oscars slap.

  • Sloppy Flapjacks

    Remember when we had TWO IHOPs? A wedding dress prank goes wrong. Babysitters recall their strangest jobs.

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