• 50 Pizzas In 30 Days

    It’s our first podcast of 2020 and we’re still writing 2019 on all of our checks! Papa John’s got a spiteful New Year’s resolution.

  • Camp Glitchy Gloomy

    No one believes Sharon Stone wants to date them. A Texas kid asked Santa for a magnifying glass and burnt his front lawn. The Southland Twins travel to Japan.

  • Boxing Day Spooktacular

    Want to avoid a hangover? Eat meat. Once again this Christmas, Darren didn’t get the socks he asked for. 

  • Florida Water Cologne

    Dave gives his spoiler free review of “The Rise of Skywalker”. A Chinese man tries to “scratch an itch”. Kids have learned nothing from “A Christmas Story”.

  • He Has The Meats

    Your boss thinks you spend too much time in the bathroom. A Truman State University professor is in trouble . Brazil’s answer to Norman Bates takes a driver’s exam.

  • It’s Hissing!

    Joe Rwamirama has a most unusual talent. Pee Wee is going out on tour. A man in Thailand goes viral after making a horrifying discovery.