• A Few Broken Cookies

    Darren has an important consumer tip for a Michigan grocery store. Turkey farmers are adjusting for our upcoming weird Thanksgiving.

  • Sexy Mail In Ballot

    On this episode of Dave & Darren’s Top Five things we’re talking about topical Halloween costumes, randy pizza delivery guys and WiFi enabled chastity devices.

  • What A Way To Make A Livin’

    Dolly Parton might pose for Playboy and squirrels are starting to eat cheeseburgers. 

  • Do It For The Gram

    Conan The Barbarian is getting a TV show. We’re facing the end of Spicy McNuggets. An Australian politician suggest kids give up the beach in favor of back breaking work […]

  • The Trucker Salute

    The DVD player and iPad in the back seat of you car might be damaging morale on our nation’s highways. Darren still hasn’t watched The Other Guys.

  • I Wanna Be A Prison Baby!

    Get ready for an all new season of Prison Break with a tale of a helicopter skyjacking. We also discuss baseball pranks and shrimp cocktails…IN SPACE!