• Walk Of Fame

    The ice and snow has us worried about Darren falling again. Reviewbrah fell out of an attic. Science explains hiccups. 

  • Dave’s Paid His Dues…Time After Time

    That Beard Championship that Dave’s been talking about all year happened this weekend. It’s been no bed of roses. No pleasure cruise. 

  • James Dean Goes To Vietnam

    James Dean has been dead since 1955. He’s got a new movie coming out. We also discuss a terrible Christmas present idea and an egg eating dare gone tragically wrong.

  • Shut Your Cat Mouth

    It’s Fall and people love the falling leaves. The Japanese are selling fried chicken that they claim tastes like girls feet. A New York couple lives as Cat and Master. 

  • Pepperoni Innovation

    Darren re-invents the wheel. People are trying to “fix” the alphabet song. An NBA player gets a concussion washing his hands.

  • Pumpkin Haircut

    We might get snow this Halloween. The Blink 182 Guy was right about aliens all along. PCP is one heck of a drug.