• The Anger Skip

    Batwoman quit and will be replaced by another Batwoman. It’s Corn on the Cob Day!

  • Killer Clowns From Florida

    Why aren’t you getting paid for being bored at work? Rock Island wants you to “Tell On Your Neighbor”. A killer clown may finally be behind bars for a 30-year-old […]

  • Something Of A Handful

    This episode is jam packed with fish stories, crazy Floridians and a special appearance from the Kool-Aid Man. 

  • Meat Cleaver Massage

    Knife Massage could be the next big wellness trend. Bald guys might have a harder time with COVID-19. How hot is it? People are swimming in cow troughs.

  • Amazing Larry’s Drive-In

    Darren shares tips for closet hiding, Dave considers getting a metal detector and Amazing Larry joins us.

  • Ginger Loves Chunky

    Ratt has a top 20 song?!? Tina Lousie loves Chunky bars. Wine is NOT something you drink in a tumbler.