• We’re Gonna Live Forever!

    Dave’s not sure the Air movie is even real. A noted scientist predicts we’ll all be immortal in just 8 years. A Monopoly game ends predictably with a samurai sword fight.

  • I Am A VERY SMART Lady

    A “very smart, well-educated lady, fell for a scam. The type of scam you’d have to be monumentally stupid to fall for. We revisit the tale of the Kentucky man […]

  • World’s Worst Nacho Recipe

    Setting a bag of chips on fire is NOT how nachos are made. We struggle to understand crawlspaces and modern vacuum cleaners. Widgets

  • My Skin Is Glowing

    Is an Everything Shower anything like and Everything Bagel? It’s not. Is it more fun than a hot tub session that ends with a mountain lion attacking your head? It […]

  • This Is The Way

    In this installment of The Top Five Things, we learn more than ever wanted to about Barbie’s dad. Someone thought Sunny D Hard Seltzer was a good idea. Plus, we […]

  • The Adventures of Vegas Cat

    A missing cat is found inside a Las Vegas hotel room. Someone threatened to blow up the Hollywood sign. Reggie is up to his old tricks!

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