• 399: Kicking Blue Cars

    Strawberries and Quicktime are bad for you. Love It Or List It is in legal trouble. A man travels from four years into the future to steal Arby’s because that’s […]

  • Wisenheimer: Episode 21

    Good things come to those who wait… and you’ve been super patient on this Tax Day, so your reward is Episode 21 of Wisenheimer: The Podcast!

  • 398: Smile Cramps And Shark Repellent

    They’ve discovered a new galaxy that’s orbiting the Milky Way. A weather app thinks they can do 90 day forecast. McDonalds is thinking about offering unlimited fries. It’s been a […]

  • 397: Your Mattress Called

    The Czech Republic wants to be called Czechia. Ruffles potato chips save a woman’s life. A smart mattress will let you know if any action is going on when you […]

  • 396: Measuring Creepiness

    Steve Miller is one super grumpy old dude. The good folks at Knox College have written the first definitive study of creepiness. We know how C3-PO got that red arm. […]

  • 395: LIVE At Gunchies Synchronized Swim Banquet

    We’re live at Gunchies in Rock Island with Big E and Toby with stories of bus trips gone wrong, 9th grade swim banquets gone wrong and a trip to the […]