• Dap Or Crap: The People Vs OJ Simpson Finale

    The Trial of the Century is finally over. Johnny Cochran works on his rhymes, Darden dares to dream of victory and O.J. admires his own statue. If you’re taking your […]

  • 389: It’s A Trap

    The Scarlett Johansson robot might have some stiff completion. Admiral Akbar is dead. No one wants to go the Olympics. You can’t grow vegetables in your front yard. Cops find […]

  • 388: Opening Day Spooktacular

    The MLB season has begun. Sunscreen may be killing your sperm. Siri can keep you up to date on Japanese Baseball. An 8-year-old has a stripper at his birthday party […]

  • 387: Belly Button Sure?

    Listeners have entered a unique wight loss challenge. Fruit Loops are a hot dog topping. A Kentucky man kidnaps himself for a rather modest ransom. A new beer sounds awful.

  • 386: Isn’t It Good…Transparent Wood

    A Wheel of Fortune contestant is so good he ruins the game for Sajack. The NFL has new rules. Star War holographs are coming soon. Hey Teachers! Leave those kids […]

  • Brewed: The Podcast

    Brewed the TV sensation is now available in delicious podcast form. Please feel free to drive or operate heavy machinery while listening! This installment takes us back to our visit […]