• Sound + Vision

    Posting the live video feed of our show Facebook has been a nightmare. We can’t play audio from the station due to music licensing rights. If one of our microphones […]

  • 773:Baked Lobster

    A “Pound” in Maine has an interesting take on lobster preparation. A John Pinette joke comes to life. A Texas Nana takes revenge on the gator that ate her miniature […]

  • 655: Cookie Bang

    The secret to delicious chocolate chips cookies is to bang them. Scientists gave fish marijuana to see if it would chill them out. Bromances might be ruining everything.

  • 418: Toby Won’t Lie Down

    We’re back at Gunchies Rock Island for a live podcast with Eric and Toby. Should you sell your Olympic medal? Are robot semi-trucks the best idea? How excited are you […]

  • 385: Copulating With Shatner

    Being born in the Fall or Winter makes you more susceptible to allergies. Dave wonders when music will evolve into something new. Get ready for laser beams in your fridge. […]

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