Show Notes

  • Episode 61: World’s Wettest Dog

    12/23 Show Notes: Joe Cocker is dead We can’t figure out where the AT&T girl works Darren went to Fareway for beer and bread and they asked him if he […]

  • Episode 60: Festivus Eve

    12/22 Show Notes: Dave’s friend Leslie told him she’d listen to the podcast more if we talked more about her. Dave reminisces about Darren’s 40th birthday. Darren doesn’t want to […]

  • Episode 59: Poisonous Zamboni

    12/19 Show Notes: We’re giving away Nickelback tickets on Solid. It’s a secret contest that you have to listen to Solid to even know about it. Get to it! Scott […]

  • Episode 58: Shop With A Cop

    12/18 Show Notes: The Interview isn’t going to be released. We’re back in business with Cuba Jay Cutler is getting benched and nothing makes a lick of sense That guy […]

  • Episode 57 Elf On A Shelf, A Baseball Bat And Two Snow Shovels

    12/17 Show Notes: Dave says Counting Crows sucked last night at The Adler A Florida woman bit off her boyfriend’s chin during an argument A first time flyer opened the […]

  • Episode 56: Green Day & Hot Sauce

    12/16 Show Notes: Dave’s going to Counting Crows tonight at the Adler Snack Club was last night. Looks like a good time was had by all The JP Turtle Soup […]

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