Dave & Darren Podcast Mobile App

In addition to the apps for Solid and Planet ALT, Nacho Radio is pleased to offer you another way to consume our content on your mobile device. It’s The Dave & Darren Podcast Mobile App! Unlike Solid and Planet ALT, you won’t find this one at the App Store or on Google Play. In just a few simple steps you can install this mobile app and (hopefully) enjoy Dave & Darren whenever and wherever you want.

Let’s use an iPhone for our example.

  1. First use you go to http://daveanddarren.podbean.com/mobile/,
  2. At the bottom of the screen you’ll be able to click the “Quick Launch” icon.
  3. Is it working, Sparky? Good! No add the Dave & Darren podcast to your home screen and appear as an App. The steps for android are similar.
  4. Enjoy the sultry sound of two grown men sitting in a kitchen talking about stuff and things!


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