The Dave & Darren Podcast Is Now On iTunes

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The numbers from our first three days of podcasting are in. Frankly, it’s nothing short of ridiculous.  As I write this before we do episode 4 (DO IT LIVE!!!) we’ve got close to 8,500 plays. Unreal. Thanks for listening guys. We’re excited to announce the Dave & Darren Podcast is now available for you on iTunes. Catch the show live here on or subscribe to us iTunes download it and listen to us whenever you want.

The support we’ve received from you guys for this crazy idea has been beyond even our most optimistic projections. Thanks again for listening. Viva El Nacho Radio!


3 Replies to “The Dave & Darren Podcast Is Now On iTunes”

  1. tiger beck

    not a very good computor guy but glad u guys got a gig. my son in scotland is glad ur doing this. if i can get rid of bob and tom would u do the 106.5 gig?

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