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  1. Eileen Gregory

    Was not going to let Hell B or me down,waited too long.Had to get it going.Took little break an 4:30 A M. now. Did Birthday Barn test an Boy woke up.Will let him rest till 9:00. I dont want to miss U,dont go if I will sleep a bit or not.Loved the Hawk Dave.Have U laid off the neighbors? One of mine could use a hawk somrwhere.!

  2. Crystal

    I moved to Wisconsin over a year ago. The one thing I miss is D&D… I’m so glad that I can get them anywhere I go now 🙂

  3. Robert Gilmore

    I don’t get it! Listening to the pod cast from this morning’s show, and it only goes about 15 minutes or so and then it stops! Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Dan Frieden

    Great to have you guys back. Next year you need a Cover 5 league again. I miss Big Poppy and the Swami’s “Lock of the Week”

  5. Kady Zuidema

    I love that you are doing a podcast. Podcasts are pretty much all I listen to. Great to have you both back in my ears!

  6. Donnie the Bicycle Guy

    Hey Guys, Just found out about this! This is FREAKIN’ AWESOME! Stopped listening to the radio all together after the buttheads decided to go country…WTF! So glad you are back! Now my morning will be complete! Hey Dave, HAPPY BIRTHDAY last weekend! AWESOME!! Thanks for not giving up!!

  7. Dan

    Holy crap!!! I couldn’t be more excited! Since you’ve been off the air, I haven’t listened to radio. Strictly podcasts. I was so pissed when you went off. Welcome back!!!

  8. Abhay

    I used to listen you guys since last 3 years while working with Deere. Every morning while driving, I used to listen my favorite daily dumb ass award that was amazing. When i came back to India I started listening to your shows over internet. It felt bad when I heard about you guys and the show. Thank you guys for coming back. Lastly, show must go on. Godspeed. m/

  9. Ross

    I tend to agree that stick figure families are stupid; however, I have caved and bought Star Wars ones. My wife is Leah, I’m darth vader, son is yoda, and dogs are ewoks. Check it out on thinkgeek.

  10. Andrew

    Thank goodness! I was about ready to offer you guys a minimum wage job of doing your show in my backseat during my commute. You guys are worth more but I’m not made of money.

  11. Jimi

    How long till todays podcast is up ? I nee my fix man comeon bud just put 20 minutes up thats all i need man !! Lmao but for real a wake&bake just isnt the same without yall #ChUcKyChEeSe

  12. chip diddie

    i have an idea… well several.

    One: You should probably have a “Forum” section with threads on this website. That way listeners can chime in on threads on what they would like to hear or what type of stations they would like to see under the Nacho Radio umbrella… ie. a thread called “Ideas” where ppl like me could share things like this post.

    Two: As you know, you lost a lot of listeners going to internet / streaming method and it will be hard to get them to listen to the show with limited data plans. Here’s a killer idea, see if you can team up with a cellular carrier, like Verizon, for a promotion. I have no idea how that would work, but it could benefit both of you. Verizon gets customers to sign new contracts w/ larger or unlimited data plans and in turn, you attract some of the listeners that you lost.

    Three: We both agree bumper stickers is a dated way of getting your name out there to the public… how about you customize some cell phone cases with your logo / branding and sell those in one of those cell phone accessory carts in the mall. One request, no animal phone cases…only Asians buy those; you could put the falcon on it though 🙂

    Four: have coasters made that you bring to your new LIVE Podcast at Night…which is hosted in random venues in the QC area… better yet, seeming you’re trying to reach not only ppl of the QC, you do remote shows in other towns/cities as well?

    Five: Top 5 things you need to know “to be the smartest person at work today”… well, this has changed a little since the FM days. As you know, ppl are listening to the show at all hours of the day/night.

    Six… well i could go on. but at the end of the day, of course i want to see you guys do well as I’m an avid listener of the show. I’m sure you two will have much success to come in the future which will most likely take some time; baby steps…baby steps.

  13. Once known as Glittah

    So I went to do some holiday shopping on Amazon through my favorite radio station ever. (In case you aren’t following it is Nacho Radio). Alas I can’t seem to find a link. Just a disclaimer saying to follow the link….so…..yeah

    • Brian

      I too need to know more about snack club. I hope you can earn badges for doing snack related things like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts only snack related. I hope the fees are not too high and it comes with a free t-shirt to put my badges on. we would meet once a month right?

  14. BrockH

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jen at the Shameless Chocoholic on Saturday. Of course I told her I learned of her on Nacho Radio. She told me I was the FIRST to mention Nacho Radio and you guys in her shop! You’re right, her product is dynamite.

  15. chip diddie

    disappointed not to see cell phone cases in the Dave & Darren Shop :/ … I was hoping to get a falcon case 😀 On another note, you guys should have a “like” and “dislike” button when a song plays on your station(s). A way to keep track what people want to hear/not hear.

  16. Commander Bill

    Its nice not to have to wake up early just to get my D&D on anymore. Thanks for making my life a little more convenient while continuing to tickle my “funny bones”. Lets face it, at our stage of life, aren’t all of our bones just a little funny?

  17. chip diddie

    Listening to the Hickey Brothers Podcast. So did anyone actually smoke cigars? Did Mike give a little do’s and don’ts (how to) smoke a cigar properly? That would’ve been cool! And seeming it was a BYOB, you guys should’ve brought some IPAs! They pair amazingly well w/ cigars! Also, what was the cigar Mike mentioned that would stand up to a Cuban?

    – C Diddie

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