Episode 18: Covered In Raw Sewage Is No Way To Impress Your Wife, Fang



Show Notes:

  • Today’s show starts with a snippet of Jonathan Edwards “Shanty” which coincidentally involves “sitting round the kitchen”. It’s like HE KNEW.
  • People don’t buy bootlegs anymore.
  • We’re going to start doing Show Notes here on the website because apparently that’s a big deal for podcasts.
  • Australian doctors have figured out how to use dead hearts for transplants. This could save 30% more¬†heart transplant patients. It took they 12 years to develop a solution to soak the hearts in. Darren wonders if they could’ve just used Sunny D.
  • A doctor in NYC has Ebola. Some perspective on the Ebola Crisis? More Americans have married Kim Kardashian than contracted Ebola here in the U.S.
  • They’ve named a tarantula after John Lennon. Darren says a beetle would have made more sense. No word on when scientists will create a Tarantgirrafe.
  • Comets literally stink to high heaven.
  • Escape From Wisconsin gives us an old man who shoplifts from a Wal-Mart in Sheboygan because he feels the lines are to long and a Cheesehead named Peters who gets his jollies throwing dildos at young girls. Crimony.
  • A guy with neck tattoos thinks not getting a job because of them is a form of discrimination. Every here says, “too bad”.
  • The annual list of crazy excuses why people called in sick to work is out. I couldn’t make it to work because I accidentally boarded a plane seems to be our favorite. Darren points out the crafting of a good excuse depends on whether or not you have to prove it. We reminisce about a former colleague who couldn’t come to work because she was “allergic to paint…in ALL its forms.”
  • Our Daily Dumbass Award winner is a Chinese guy whose wife called the bar looking for him. Dave points out that’s a crummy bartender to give him the phone. Dave remembers TI PING is NOT a city in China signs taped to the walls and cash registers of bars he used to hang out in. Darren thinks he’s making that up.
  • Back to the Daily Dumbass: Fang cuts through a sewage treatment facility to hurry home to his irate wife only to fall in the sewage and need to get pulled out. His wife made him sleep outside.
  • A Florida man steals a chicken wing and gets knocked out with a pool ball in our most Florida story of the week.
  • We share a Blue Moon Pumpkin Harvest Ale. Jenni only buys pumpkin beer this time of year. It’s pretty good.
  • Evil Dead is the best horror franchise of all time? Gawker thinks so.
  • Birthday Barn and Closing Ceremonies. Enjoy the weekend, guys!

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