Episode 20: Dorothy And Cavity Sam



Show Notes:

  • Darren’s back! He points out how much Angie from Angie’s List looks like Joni Ernst.
  • Dave would like someone to invent a way to vote early and then you wouldn’t have to watch campaign story.
  • Dave recalls the story of the time a old guy shared with him about the time he took Ann Margret’s virginity.
  • Dave & Darren admit they kinda dug the name Swing of The Quad Cities at the time.
  • Johnny Knox is getting sued for breach of contract.
  • The Honey Boo Boo story gets sadder and sadder.
  • X-Wing And Tie Fighter are FINALLY being rereleased!
  • Apparently kids trick-or-treat at apartments nowadays.
  • That Fireball Whiskey that’s so popular? It’s getting pulled off shelves in Europe because it’s got the same chemicals they use to deice airplanes.
  • Dorothy is an app that let’s you use your smartphone by clicking your heels together three times.
  • Darren had to open soup with a bottle opener and Dave watched Battle of the Network Stars last night.
  • The Beard Championships happened in Portland this weekend and a bunch of beardos are furious at our guy Phil Olsen.
  • A prankster thought it would be a good idea to name his wi-fi network “Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork” and get on a plane. Hilarity ensued.
  • The guy who invented the board game “Operation” needs an operation but can’t afford it because he was only paid $500 for the rights to it.
  • Hookers are complaining that all the hook up apps that are available are killing their business.
  • A guy in Georgia moved to Kentucky to meet a girl he met online. When she didn’t look like her profile pic he took matters into his own hands.
  • A freshman wide receiver at Notre Dame is dating porn star Lisa Ann.


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