Episode 21: Ant Man & Zombie Mischief

Gates Police Dept
Gates Police Dept

Show Notes:

  • We’ve got a game 7 tonight!
  • They’re not making iPods anymore because they can’t find the parts.
  • Marvel announced their plans for Phase 3 of their superhero movies. Darren swears we just did this story but that was for DC Heroes. Dave read an article on Dorkly about Ant Man having sex. It’s all kinds of messed up.
  • Wanna get pregnant? Eat more dairy products!
  • Lowes is going to start putting robots in their stores to help you find things. Darren wants to ride one and it won’t be long before we have stories about people trying to have sex with hardware store robots.
  • A new website ranks all the Mexican restaurants in the Quad Cities.
  • McDonalds new slogan will be “Lovin’ Beats Hatin‘”. Wow. Also, there’s nothing wrong with your TV, they mention horse meat (hello!) in their new TV spots.
  • A guy got busted for tiger porn but it turns out it was just porn of a woman and a guy in a tiger suit.
  • Jose Canseco shot his finger off last night.
  • A Chinese guy set his school on fire with fireworks hoping to impress his fianc√©.
  • A woman gets two DWIs in the space of three hours. She was in zombie makeup for her first DWI of the night.
  • A Michigan man thought it would be a good idea to dress up like a zombie and scare cars. The driver of one of those cars thought it would be a better idea to run over a zombie.

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