Episode 22: Doc Johnson’s Desensitizing Spray


 Show Notes:

  • There’s a Paul McCartney tribute record coming out next month with a ton of really cool bands covering Paul’s stuff. Darren’s not sure he can afford it. Dave imagines life will soon turn out like the classic Chilly Willy cartoon Deep-Freeze Squeeze.
  • The Giants win the World Series and seem pretty chill about it. Dave argues that diving into 1st base is actually a stupid thing to do.
  • Metallica is going to be on the Craig (not Collin) Ferguson Late Late Show for a full week.
  • Peter Pan is going to be everywhere soon. Darren wonders if Peter Pan Pizza would be a good idea.
  • They might have found a piece from Amelia Earhart’s plane.
  • Is it really donating plasma if you’re paid for it? A Florida woman was upset that they wouldn’t take her plasma so she drove her car into the clinic.
  • A guy won the lottery twice because he played the same numbers on two tickets.
  • A South Carolina teenager got busted stealing sexy underpants, handcuffs, erection cream and deep throat desensitizing spray.
  • Trick-Or-Treating is tonight in Davenport. The guys go over the list of unnecessarily sexy costumes and too soon costumes for Halloween.

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