Episode 23: Grave And Scarin’s Spooktacular



Show Notes:

  • It’s Grave And Scarin’s Spooktacular. Count Obvious will be sitting if for the whole show!
  • A guy who claims he had top secret clearance says aliens are real. No word on Bigfoot.
  • Pee-Wee Herman is working on a new movie next year.
  • They got that cop killer who was hiding in the words.
  • Starbucks is going to start delivering coffee next year.
  • Illinois produces more pumpkins that any other state. More than 75% of all pumpkins come from Illinois. It’s a $33 million industry.
  • In China, corpse brides are a thing.
  • An Arkansas woman shoved a deer tongue in her lady business.
  • We’re doing bathrooms all wrong.
  • Halloween is actually much more Irish than St. Patrick’s Day. Also, you can get drunk with the devil and make him pay for your drinks. He’s pretty gullible.
  • Sweet Eileen is having trouble selling her Stick Monsters on Craigslist.
  • Frankie McDonald issues sensible warnings for this year’s Halloween.

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