Episode 24: Pumpkin Harassment And Bear Selfies


Show Notes:

  • Darren’s looking forward to Election Day tomorrow if only to hear Arcadia on Planet ALT.
  • We’ve got a link on nachoradio.com that send you to Amazon.com and gives us credit for your purchases. Donnie The Bicycle Guy can’t figure it out but we hope everyone else will.
  • Dave thinks you shouldn’t call any song recorded after 1972 an oldie.
  • Ariana Grande called the cops on a fan who sent her a 42 lb pumpkin.
  • Wayne Static died over the weekend.
  • They’re moving into One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) today. Chris Rock had an edgy monologue on SNL about it.
  • Want to prevent prostate cancer? Have sex with a lot of women!
  • All that worry about pot heads in Colorado handing out dope laced candy was a whole lot about nothing.
  • Scientists at University of Illinois have created white noise for your nose. It might smell like Charlie, the Revlon fragrance that a young Darren bought for Miss Blakely so she could fornicate.
  • Daily Dumbass is a guy in Alabama who robbed four Subway restaurants because the Jarrod Diet didn’t work for him.
  • A French guy set a new record for doing 56 shots at a bar. He’s dead now.
  • We use our phones for a bunch of stuff that isn’t making calls.
  • Park Officials are asking people to stop taking selfies with bears.
  • Don’t you hate it when people brake into your house to perform fellatio?
  • It was raining money Maryland on Friday.
  • Escape From Wisconsin: A burglar takes a selfie while he’s robbing a sports center and leaves his phone there, Cheeseheads are drinking a lot more wine and a hunter was mistaken for a squirrel.

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