Episode 25: Baby Bumpers And 7-Up

Show Notes:

  • It’s Election Day!
  • We can’t remember what Richard Hatch did that wasn’t Battlestar Galactica. (It was The Streets of San Francisco).
  • Dave bought some DVDs from Amazon last night and forgot to go through nachoradio.com.
  • The co-founder of Mixlr is listening to the show live to see what’s up with the buffering issue.
  • Donnie The Bicycle Guy has had enough and is DONE listening to the show.
  • They’re will be another MST3K Turkey Day Marathon on Thanksgiving. Apparently, we’ll be doing a show that day as well.
  • Donny Deutsch is in trouble for trying to screw a realtor out of a $1.2 million commission.
  • Halloween Wrap-Up: A woman gave away her wedding ring with the Halloween candy, someone gave out crystal meth to a trick-or-treater and a woman got strangers to pay for her $362 Uber ride home.
  • Is a dog food diet the best thing for you?
  • A Florida man has no idea why his ex-girlfirend’s mom wanted him knocked off and fed to alligators.
  • A Hooters rip-off in Texas thought Anything But Clothes night would be a good idea.
  • We now know the top 10 things women who watch porn search for.
  • A Canadian ordered a 7-Up and got a Sprite. He’s been awarded $12,000 for this outrage
  • An Oregon man is opening up a strip club where the dancers have to be at least six months pregnant.

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