Episode 26: There Might Be Giants

Show Notes:

  • Last night was a good one for the Republicans and marijuana legalization. Recreational use will soon be legal in Alaska and Oregon. You can grow your own in Washington DC (unless Congress wants to harsh that mellow, man).
  • People are getting killed driving when they’re too tired.
  • Get ready for Coca-Cola Life to be everywhere.
  • A mixtape Kurt Cobain made in 1988 is in the news¬†it features songs from George Michael and Mike Douglas?!?
  • Scientists can’t figure out a massive sun spot.
  • Is it possible that we’re living in a land once populated by giants?
  • Two stories of guys getting things removed from their butts to the delight of everyone in the operating room. A guy in Greece had a girlfriend use a strap-on on him and it snapped off and got stuck up there. Meanwhile in Brazil, a guy had to get a lungfish removed.
  • This guy is getting one over on Olive Garden.
  • A guy thought he was buying a bottle of wine for $37.50. The problem is it was actually $3,750.oo.
  • The No Phone is a placebo designed to get you to lay off your smartphone.
  • School Days Fool Days: A teacher crammed her class into her Honda Accord to go get some snacks. We wonder why schools don’t offer Snack Club as an extracurricular activity. A Texas teacher thought he’d scare bullies by letting them think a shooter was in the building coming after them. And a Tennessee teen was running a whore house in the boys room at her high school for months.
  • Science proves that Spice Girls “Wannabe” is the catchiest song of all-time.

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