Episode 28: The Podcast Awakens

11/7 Show Notes:

  • Dave’s got bronchitis. Darren almost collapsed during yesterday’s show poking at a thing on his neck.
  • There’s a new ad for grips that seems to be filled with a bunch of Amazing Larry-like workmen.
  • The Navy Seal who’s pretty sure he killed Bin Laden had to go public earlier than he wanted to.
  • They’re making a Toy Story 4. Dave’s taking his family to see Big Hero 6 this weekend even though he’s pretty sure he knows everything that happens.
  • Gas prices are still pretty low so you might assume with the falling prices for jet fuel, the airlines will start lowering the price of their tickets in time for the holidays. You would be wrong.
  • Nickelback is coming back to town for the fifth time.
  • The new Star Wars movie has a name now.
  • Why do we listen to sad songs?
  • Harvard (not Brown) is teaching an anal sex class.
  • The new Rob Lowe commercial has people with shy bladders upset. Not pissed. Just upset.
  • Foodbeast has collected some awesome food stories.
  • 911 Is A Joke: A Florida man called 911 looking for a date. Smooth.
  • Marky Mark is the new Col. Steve Austin.
  • Phil Rudd had those murder charges dropped
  • A Canadian is hoping to take a stranger with the same name as his ex-girlfriend on a trip around the world

Keep spreading the word! VIVA EL NACHO!

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