Episode 29: No Irish Need Apply

11/10 Show Notes:

  • Most of the people we asked said Alice Cooper was better than Motley Crue last night.
  • The Bears last night? What was that about?
  • Darren can’t believe he say an “Urban Meyer Poops At Parties” sign at College Game Day this week.
  • YouTube
  • Robert Plant rips up a contract for a 35 date reunion tour in front of stunned promoters
  • David Lowery of Cracker had his song “Low” played on Pandora one million times. He made a grand total of $16.89 for it.
  • Get ready for Doritos flavored Mountian Dew
  • Natalie Morales may be leaving the Today Show and Al Roker is preparing for a marathon forecast. We have no doubt he will poop his pants.
  • Andy Dick is a menace
  • An Irish teacher was denied a job in South Korea because they think all Irish are raging alcoholics. By the way, South Koreans drink fall more booze than any other country. It’s not even close.
  • An emergency landing sent part of the propeller INTO the plane where it hit a passenger in the head.
  • Joe’s Crab Shack served a bunch of kids booze.
  • A Florida Man tried to pay an undercover cop posing as a hooker with $3 and a chicken dinner
  • A young man wants to have a phony “Aryan looking” family in order to make more money once he gets a job.
  • Thinning The Herd: An Ohio man is killed by bowling alley machinery.

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