Episode 30: I’m More Than Just A Bartender


11/11 Show Notes:

  • We’re still getting the occasional email asking when we’re “coming back”.
  • A study says 50% of all jobs will be gone in 15 years. Someone has a problem with how Dave says “realtor”.
  • Mormon Church admits that Joseph Smith may have had up to 40 wives.
  • Ozzy has a newly discovered frog named after him. We tried to get a baby giraffe named after Amazing Larry with minimal success.
  • Peter Parker’s Aunt May is getting her own spin-off
  • Target’s going to open their doors at 6pm on Thanksgiving.
  • Orlando Thomas of the Vikings dies at the age of 42 from ALS
  • Jerry Seinfeld has self-diagnosed himself as being on the autism spectrum
  • A guy catches his best friend’s wife cheating on her husband and gets the video to post all over the internet.
  • Thinning the Herd: A Florida man is dead because he wore his wedding ring while putting in a dishwasher.
  • A guy goes to Mexico to kill himself, does a bunch of hookers and drugs and now has a new lease on life.
  • Pizza Hut really wants the millennials to order their pizza so they’re redoing their menu and everything else next week.
  • A little boy in Virginia may have the ghost of a soldier killed in Beirut living inside of him.
  • Cops raid an okra garden because they thought it might be DEADLY MARIJUANA
  • Colorado college kid takes some Molly and ends up stealing an ambulance and pleasuring himself while the cops taser him

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