Episode 31: Old Toys, Deep Wells and Dead Lemurs

11/12 Show Notes:

  • Nacho Radio t-shirts are available here on the site
  • Jim Fowler says he already got eaten by an anaconda so this Discovery Channel special next month is no big deal.
  • Zoobamafoo the Lemur is dead.
  • Kim Kardashian is trying to break the internet
  • There’s a corn maze in California that was so big a bunch of people had to call 911 to get out of it
  • A Texas woman had to get 30 lbs of boobs removed.
  • Dave wonders if there really is a grand prize on all of these singing shows if none of them ever really become stars. Apparently a few of them have had some success on the country scene.
  • Bubbles, the Rubik’s Cube and Army Men and have all made it into the Toy Hall of Fame this year.
  • There are ALREADY people waiting outside of Best Buy for Black Friday. They’ve been there for a week.
  • Daily Dumbass: A guy went down a well to try and get his keys.

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