Episode 32: I Love Women (Nom Nom Nom)

11/13 Show Notes

  • Dave thinks there is something inherently wrong with creamy peanut butter. Darren is accidentally falling in love with high pulp orange juice.
  • We scoped out the College Hill area (Kavanaugh’s Hilltop, Coolbeanz and Radicle Effect) yesterday. The Fall Crawl is going to be a blast (11/22)!
  • Scientists landed on a comet yesterday but they’re afraid their washing machine sized probe might fall off of it.
  • Brooke Shields lost her virginity to Superman
  • Taylor Swift may be bringing Spotify to its knees
  • Get ready for vacation breasts
  • It’s not enough for Tom Izzo to beat your team. He wants to lecture them on their effort after the game.
  • The University of Alaska is warning students that even recreational pot use is legal in the state, it’s not cool on campus
  • The KKK is trying to become more inclusive
  • This video shows a young man being cured of his gayness. He likes women women women nom nom nom
  • Daily Dumbass: A Florida man is busted stealing toilet parts from McDonalds
  • Animal Farm: Unicorn Deer are real. Also, a human head was found inside a shark and a horny old English dolphin is dead because he HAD TO HAVE IT!

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