Episode 33: Fuji Fuji Live In Concert!

11/14 Show Notes:

  • Uncommon Stout Ice Cream is a thing!
  • Drunk Driving Blotter: An ice cream truck driver gets a DUI, as does a woman in Lufkin (a for real place!) and the Cake Boss!
  • Shoji Tabuchi is coming to town and Dave really wants to go if only to see Shoji come up out of the floor
  • You’re not paranoid, the government IS spying on you with small airplanes
  • The Pope is touring the States next year. Darren saw The Pope years ago when he did Sun Devil Stadium in Arizona. We wonder if anyone ever told him he was at Sun “Devil” Stadium.
  • Get ready for the Duck Dynasty: The Musical!
  • LeBron James doesn’t want his kids playing football
  • White people think Black people have magical powers
  • Al Roker did not die during his Rokerthon. He DID however, leave his mic on while he went to the bathroom
  • They’re doing a story on tonight’s 20/20 about guys travel the country impregnating women as a free service
  • Three people in Brazil are going on trial for killing nannies and making pastries out of them
  • Did a girl break your heart? Send her live poultry. THAT’LL SHOW HER!

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