Episode 34: Sheep Apnea

Show Notes 11/17

  • It snowed on Saturday night and everyone forgot how to drive
  • Dave can’t say enough about how much he’s loving Sonic Highways on HBO
  • A jihadist quit because he would rather smoke cigarettes than fight.
  • Jose Canseco lost that finger at a poker table on Friday night
  • Kids really are growing up too fast. A new survey says they’re independent by the age of 10.
  • Enjoy chocolate while you can because we’re running out of it at an alarming rate.
  • Another awful cruise ship came back full of super sick people
  • An Andy Warhol painting sold for $82 million. Amazing Larry once did an anatomically correct sculpture of a headless Elvis
  • The Osbournes are coming back to MTV
  • A college kid in Fresno blew off some steam by banging sheep at the sheep unit
  • Bono is a walking Final Destination movie
  • They’ve done another version of “Do They Know It’s Christmas”
  • Vacuuming your anus? That’s not a good idea
  • Buddy the Beagle goes on a 20 mile ambulance ride, OUTSIDE the ambulance

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